Monday, 08 October 2018

"ССМ" employers have passed the first training in the Corporate University

On the 7th of October, the first practical seminar-training on the development of emotional intelligence for specialists of CCM was conducted.

In the photo: HR business partner of “ССМ” Evgeny Grishugin 

Such classes are planning to be held regularly, it will become a part of a new corporate culture formation. The main task of the Corporate University is mastering of the necessary skills such as Soft skills and Hard skills for an effective work.

“A new specialist coming to our company to any position, whether he is an accountant, an economist or a marketer, is not always completely ready to fulfill his duties. If he is a young specialist – definitely not ready. In Russia this is extremely important, because the gap between the theoretical education background and the practical skills, which are required in a company, is enormous. Corporate University allows to reduce this gap and increase the efficiency of each employee, ”said Evgeny Grishugin, HR business partner at ССМ.

Training and seminars are planned on an ongoing basis. At the first stage, the main goal is to master the so-called Soft skills, or social skills, which are important both in work and in life.

“A key factor to the effectiveness of work and interaction between people is communication. If a person does not know how to build communication, he cannot build effective business communication. This is one of the problem characteristic of the modern generation: people do not learn how to communicate. With the development of instant messengers, it is quite easy to stay in the comfort zone, in the area of ​​communication with loved ones, with whom everything is already working and configured. A person doesn’t know how to develop a working relationship and thereby increase his growth. Communication is a key factor in personal development, development of emotional intelligence. In addition, understanding yourself and people around you is a tool to prevent conflicts in a team, ”explained Evgeny Grishugin.

Trainings are held once a week at Moskovskiy trakt, 23. To know the exact date and time, and to sign up you can through the corporate mailing.

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